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Scope of Activity

туристические новости россии


The Bi-National Chamber of Commerce Bulgaria Israel Scope of Activity is:

1.    Mediation, maintaining and further development of the business relations between enterprises of  the two countries;

2.  Establishment and maintenance of contacts between interested economic circles of the two  countries;

3.  Exchange of information and experience related to the economic activity carried out by the  Chamber’s members;

4.   Collection and circulation of information through various publications, circulars, instructions and other printed materials on the economic situation in Bulgaria and Israel, as well as for the development of economic and commercial political issues, etc.;

5.    Providing information and consultations, including issuance of statements and reports on the state and development of a particular market or specific company;

6.    Organization and hosting of events, such as economic days, informatory seminars, entrepreneurs’ meetings or meetings at government level, symposiums and discussions;

7.    Providing various services both to Association’s members and to non-members, including, but not limited to legal, tax, translation and consulting services;

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